I have forever been addicted to Lookbook.nu, with all the runway model look alikes dressed in their sexiest outfits, but think about it,who wouldn’t be? However, a few months back I came across What I Wore Today(WIWT). WIWT is basically a blog created by the 24 year old Poppy Disney with the concept of uploading a picture of every outfit worn everyday, whether it was a wedding dress or pajamas and uggs. I think the website is a great idea because it is very down to earth in comparison to others, heck they even have pictures of granpas in it -I’m dead serious!- . You guys should check it out, you don’t necessarily have to be a fashion freak to get on it but it’s really cool and you get to look back and check your older outfits, kinda helps you look at yourself from a different point of view. I finally joined WIWT just today , so you can follow me here

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