I’m not the biggest fan of Japanese food, but after hearing all the great reviews about Watatsumi, the Japanese seafood restaurant, and its untraditional and modern twist to dishes, I headed down to the Mina Seyahi Le Meridien Hotel with a buddy to find out what the hype was about.


Getting there was a hassle, certainly with the Friday traffic towards Barasti, Watatsumi should most certainly be avoided during the weekend evenings. After spending a while stuck in traffic(I’m talking 40 min.s and I live 5 minutes away!) and 20+ minutes after that trying to convince the guard at the door that we had reservations, where he was blatantly rude and refused to listen to us, we eventually made it to the valet. With a not-so heartwarming greeting we hoped that the food would tip our mood to the other end by the end of the night.
Once given the menus we needed a little time to familiarize with most of it since neither one of us was a big on Japanese food. The waitress was quite knowledgeable and eventually helped us choose our appetizers. My friend went for the “Ebi Dumplings” while i decided to go for the “Shrimp Skewers” with a plate of “Ebi Sushi” in between us. The dumplings and skewers tasted just fine, and although I’m not a big fan of sushi, I must admit it was the best prawn sushi I’ve tried.
By now the night started to drift onto a positive vibe, and we decided to order our mains. I went for the “Sai Koro Steak” while my friend opted for the grand “Watatsumi Lobster” with a side of garlic rice. 
The well done steak was well marinated and was so tender it could melt in the mouth, whereas the lobster turned out to be cooked to perfection with a tingle of tartar sauce complimented with parmesan sauce to make it one of the best lobsters around (2nd dish to be a best experience in this restaurant)
It was bizarre yet a pleasant surprise to find a variety of dishes offered for dessert at a Japanese restaurant, with Watatsumi desserts weren’t revolved around your traditional Mochi.
We shared a “Chocolate Haramuki”for dessert which was basically chocolate spring rolls served with yuzu sorbet and a chocolate-chili sauce, and it made a perfect ending to our Japanese seafood culinary journey.
All in all, Watatsumi has made it to my favorite places to dine in Dubai, of course from the aspect of the food solely. Hadn’t it been for the unfortunate location next to Barasti, and the unpleasant event at hotel door, Watatsumi would be one of the best places for fine dining.
Bill for Two: 500/person
Best for: Dates, occasional dinners.
Recommendations: Watatsumi Lobster
For more info about Watatsumi find them on Facebook here

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