Luxury shopping and delicious dinning go hand in hand, and Dubai mall’s Vogue Cafe is set to be one of the “it” spots for Dubai Mall’s shoppers. Located amidst Level Shoe District, Vogue Cafe exerts a posh sense with a golden and cream white theme.
Since we headed there on a weekday, the cafe had only a couple of tables filled out, which means we had the chance to get a pretty attentive and friendly waiter. We were handed our menus along with a delicious looking selection of bread and butter, disappointingly, it was cold and too hard to even bite in.
Skipping the bread, my friend and I ordered “Shrimp and Lobster Spring Rolls” to share as an appetizer, and they were served with ginger sambal and soy. We were pretty pleased with the spring rolls as they were pretty light and healthy to munch on, which seemed to be the case of most options on the menu.
For the mains my dinner date picked the “Sea Bass Fillet”, while I was a bit hesitant on what to go for. The waiter suggested the “Heritage Sirlion”, which I ended up picking. It took a little while before we got our orders, so we decided to ease our patience with a couple of drinks also suggested by the waiter. I got myself the Passion Craver, a mix of pineapple, cranberry and passion fruit with a hint of squeezed lime, which was a winner, while my friend enjoyed the Tease Me Taster, a mix of tropical fruit with mint.
 The mains arrived in an effortlessly chic manner, with small portions and a decent, pleasant presentation. My friend’s fish fillet was served with a side of sauteé wild mushrooms, spinach and ricotta cannelloni. Apart from the cannelloni which was too powerful (and hard) for my friend’s liking, the mix of mushrooms and sea-bass was rather tasty. As for my sirloin steak, which was medium well, it was served with olive oil, mash onion beignet and mushroom sauce. The sauce, disappointingly, did not contain any mushrooms, which would’ve definitely made it a whole lot better. However, the steak was made to order and deliciously tender, but I’ve definitely had far more better ones.
 Our healthy dinning plans were spoiled as soon as we spotted the brownie on the list, which sounded irresistible with a description of marshmallows served on the side, alongside a topping of ice cream. It would have been a great ending to the night, hadn’t the marshmallows tasted like they were a week old.
All in all, Vogue Cafe deems to more of a glamorous and fashionable spot for an occasional shopping tea break at the mall rather than a dinning venue. The service was impeccable, and for a change (haven’t had it happen for a while at restaurants now) the manager passed by the table with genuine smiles and conversations.
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