Souk al Bahar has almost everything one can imagine, from its catchy Arabian interior to the luxurious jewelry shops. Yet many have sought to make it a destination to fulfill their cravings, and we decided to join the trend. My friend and I treated ourselves to my favorite cuisine, Italian, and Urbano was our destination of the night.
 Located in the heart of Souq al Bahar while over looking The Dubai Mall in the horizon, Urbano has a pretty awesome location with a beautiful view of the fountain.
Walking through the alleyways of souq al bahar we found our way rather easily to the restaurant and were greeted warmly and shown to our seats, I could say we managed to get lucky with the best table which has an amazing view of Burj Khalifa and the fountain.
We were caught in fascination by the amazing fountain(first time I actually sit down and watch it) which we had the opportunity to enjoy a couple more times through the dinner. For the starters, my friend without any hesitation decided to go for the “Fritto misto” -an appetizer which consisted of calamari, squid, prawns, and white bait- while I went for the “Funghi ripieni al forno” -baked mushrooms filled with bacon and cheese- and we shared a portion of “Arancini”. Apart from the calamari and shrimp the Fritto Misto was not so impressive and a tad too dry, it felt like a bite off of a fast food restaurant, while the poached mushrooms (Funghi) were juicy and tasty. The Arancini was my personal favorite, with a perfect mix of bolognese and cheese sauce.
For the drinks, we tried several, but my favorite was the “Honeymoon”, which was a blend of honey, orange and apple juice, and sparkling lemonade.

As for the mains, my friend opted for the “Filleto de Manzo”, while I fell into the temptation of the “Pasta Gamberi e Funghi”, which usually comes with red sauce, but since I’m not big on it, I replaced it with white cream sauce. The medium well done steak was very tender and delicious with a perfectly salted mushroom sauce and a side of vegetables, however, we were disappointed by the quantity of mashed potatoes which was minimal, unlike what we were informed, so my friend had to order a side of mashed potatoes. The pasta won me over with its succulent creamy pomodoro sauce and its fresh prawns, I have found the best seafood pasta in town that I have tasted so far, amazing!

With very little space left, we had no option but to ask for the mains to be packed and focused on what desserts sounded more tempting. I’m big on cheesecake so I picked my safe choice, “Torta di Frommagi” , a baked cheesecake with a generous raspberry topping, while my friend went for the “Limone meringue” which though turned out to be slightly too lemon-y, was delicious.

The restaurant also had an indoor seating area, but because the weather in Dubai is becoming a little more tolerable and enjoyable, everyone was on the wait list to dine outdoors.

If you ever visit Urbano make sure you reserve before hand and ask for seating with a great view of the fountain. Oh, and of course consider checking out my favorites off the menu below!

Where: Souq Al Bahar
Best for: Family dinners, dinning with visiting friends.
Recommendations: “Pasta Gamberi e Funghi”, “Honeymoon” mocktail.

Find out more about Urbano on their Facebook page here

Camera- Fujifilm X10

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