I don’t know about you, but I’ve visited The Noodle House quite often before, and always had a satisfactory experience. When I heard that a new branch was opened up in the recently launched City Walk I found it the perfect chance for me to check out the spots.
So my friend and I made our way to it, and were glad to find out that other than a couple of other buzzing tables, the restaurant was close to empty and calm (which is bizarre, yet pleasant, for a Friday!)
And so begins another culinary experience! For our starters my friend opted for the “Fire Cracker Shrimp” while I went for the “Chicken Satay”, both of which were delicious. The chicken satay was grilled and served with a peanut sauce which gave it a different yet pleasant taste, while the shrimps were simply exquisite with their Sriracha chilli mayonnaise. I did not really manage to decide which one won me over and as a result I would recommend both. We also ordered a plate of “Crispy Calamari” that we shared, however, we found the calamari to be rather dry and more on the “chewy” side.
For our drinks, My friend chose a “Lemon Grass Delight”, which turned out to be slightly too sweet, while I enjoyed the “Asian Four Seasons”, which was a mix of mango, pineapple, kiwi juice and topped with strawberry.
As we moved on to our mains we decided to keep enjoying prawns -I can never stop eating shrimps or prawns!!
 I ordered the “Sweet & Sour Black Tiger Prawns” and my friend picked the “Butter Prawns”. The latter, served with a side of plain noodles mixed with soya sauce tasted great, however the “butter” to it made it a bit too heavy. The tiger prawns on the other hand were great, a tad soft and sweet, served with a side of brown rice. At first sight I thought the quantity was rather scarce, however attacking the appetizers did its job.
 By the time we were done with our mains we both decided to take a small break and enjoy the breeze in the outdoor area of the restaurant. To finish with a big bang, we ordered a plate of “Hot Chocolate Lava Cake” and one of the “Banana Spring Rolls” both served with a side of vanilla ice cream. Despite the weather being cold, I think that was one of the most enjoyable times I had eating ice-cream, purely because of what I was mixing with it, although both were great choices for anyone with a sweet tooth, we leaned more towards the banana spring rolls.
Bill for 2: AED 350
Best for: dinner with friends or family.
Recommendations: Fire Cracker Shrimps & Asian Four Seasons Mocktail.
Find out more about The Noodle House on their Facebook page here

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