If you’re one who loves the grill, I’ve just found the perfect spot for you! Shades at the Address Marina gives visitors an option of a self-BBQ entertaining dinner during weekdays, and a live BBQ station on weekends. As my friends and I were pretty excited to try out the grill, we skipped starters and jumped in for an all-grilled dinner. There are two separate menus for the grill, a varied one where the dish is prepared by a chef at the live BBQ station, or another with three options for the grill-at-the-table option. My friends ordered the Grilled Chicken Tikka, and the Grilled Prawns with Garlic Butter from the station, while I ordered the Sirloin to prepare on the table.

For a typical Sunday night, Shades is a pretty packed venue, and almost all the tables were filled. Unfortunately, that meant the service was slower than any I’ve experienced before, and it killed the mood as we had to repeat orders to every passing waiter in hopes of finally getting our food. There was an instance where I waved for a waiter to come and he actually waved back and continued walking, it was rather comical.. (lol?)
After 20-25 minutes, we finally got our food. The chicken tikka didn’t impress my Indian friend as it was rather chunky, however, the grilled prawns were a hit as my friend was happy with the portions and the seasoning. Both the dishes were served with fries, salad, and grilled vegetables.
My grill arrived to the table an additional 20 minutes later with two steak slices, a variety of vegetables to grill, and three or four mustard sauces. It was definitely fun to grill the steak the way I’d want it, and it remained soft even though I had it well-done. The only problem was the seasoning, it would’ve been great had there been an option of mushroom or pepper sauces rather than a variety of mustard options. After inquiring from our waitress, she brought over a bottled steak sauce to add flavor.
The steak was also served with a side of fresh salad and skinless potato wedges. As my friends and I shared our dishes we agreed that the prawns were the best out of our selections.
The desserts menu was pretty limited, but the options sounded delicious. My friend went for the chocolate and cherry option which was served with two brownie stick slices, and I picked the mango and crumble served with vanilla shortcake pieces. Both our desserts were delicious for the taste buds and our mood was getting better with each bite.
Shades makes a perfect venue for a weekday dinner with a pool view and sofa lounge chairs, however, the only downside to it would be the really slow service which definitely got in the way of us enjoying our night. Maybe going for lunch would be a better idea?
Best for: Lounging with friends.
Recommendations: Chocolate and Cherry dessert, grilled prawns with garlic butter.

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