I’ve recently discovered the beautiful Pyramids at Wafi and all the dining options they hold, so I started my experience with Seville’s, a Spanish tapas bar and restaurant.
The restaurant/bar had a nice outdoor seating area, but because the sun was too hot, we opted to sit in doors, where we managed  to enjoy lunch alone in the restaurant.
As we sat down we were greeted with warm “pan con tomate” ; a traditional Spanish starter, which consists of bread topped up with tomato sauce. We then ordered “calamares fritos”, fried calamari that sadly wasn’t served warm enough, “gambas a la plancha”, delicious grilled prawns served with garlic and olive oil, and “croquetas de la casa”, home made croquettes which we ordered in both cheese and chicken fillings -I would definitely recommend the cheese over the chicken- and virgin pina coladas.
For our mains we ordered the “Canillas de cordero al horno”, a braised lamb shank casserole slowly cooked with potatoes and mushrooms and “Chuleton con patatas a lo pobre”, grilled steak served with mushroom sauce and sauteed potatoes.
Although we’ve asked for the steak to be well done, it was served more like medium-well done, with bits of pink around, thankfully, it tasted impeccable, so my friend did not complain much,
The lamb shank was the most tender one I’ve ever had, and we’ve been told that the reason behind that is because it was cooked in the oven slowly for an exact period of six hours -something I’d be too impatient to perfect-! It was served with a fresh mix of vegetables on top of it that added a delicious hint of flavor to it.
By the time we were done with our mains my friend and I have agreed that Seville’s is definitely a place meat lovers should check out for an experience a bit too different from your average steakhouse, but then came dessert. We chose the “flan de huevo”, which was flan served with whipped cream, sadly the flan was served rather warm which just stopped us from taking more than one bite. We also picked the “frixuelos mama marisa”, which promised our imagination crepes stuffed with baked apples, so you can imagine our disappointment when we were served rather cold tiny crepe rolls.
I’m sure had it been night time the ambiance would’ve been better, since the waiters were kind enough to enlighten us about the salsa nights that take place. Also, hadn’t it been for the dessert, the food experience would’ve been close to perfect.
Where: Wafi Pyramids
Best for: Watching sports games (during night time)
Recommendations: Gambas a la plancha (grilled prawns) and the Canillas de cordero al horno, lamb shank
For more information check out their contact details here

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