The biggest mall in the world, Dubai Mall, can be the number one destinations for shopping fanatics around the Middle East, yet for some it is the location to try exquisite new cuisines. This time I ditch the shopping and go for the later option as a friend and I head to the recently opened mexican restaurant in the underground floor of The Dubai Mall, Rosa Mexicano. We were welcomed and usher in by cheeky waitresses in sombreros, this mood was definitely a plus to ease up the hectic weekend I was having. As we walk in the mood is consistent, with bright pink and yellow walls and a little waterfall on the end, this definitely wasn’t your typical Mexican joint.

I have been craving Mexican cuisine for quite a while, so I can say it took me approximately five minutes to pick everything up to dessert (if you know me, I take -no jokes- 30 mins or so to decide.) For our starters we decided to go for  “Guacamole en Molcajete”, where we got to inform the waiter the quantity of each ingredient we wanted in the guacamole dip which was made right next to our table,   “Queso Fundido”, and a mix of beef and chicken “Quesadillas”. Served with a side of tortilla chips, the Guacamole which was prepared before our eyes was amazing! A definite staple for any visit a Mexican restaurant.

The Quesadillas were not bad, however I would say the grilled chicken was better than the steak, which was a bit hard to bite into.

What turned out to be surprisingly heavenly was the Queso Fundido (Melted Cheese Fondue) served with sausage and peppers in an iron cast, it was perfectly salted and the cheese would simply melt in the mouth, served with a side of refillable tortilla bread.

For our drink, I went for the strawberry mojito while my friend went for the passion fruit, we had a couple of other drinks, but the best one that tasted best was the passionfruit mojito, definitely recommend giving it a shot!

We then ordered our main dishes, which all come with refillable sides of rice and beans. My friend decided on the “Filete con Hongos” a filet mignon with wild mushrooms, while i went for the “Camarones Veracruzana” skewered and grilled shrimps with rice. The medallion steaks were served with an amazing sauce, however the meat was rather dry from the inside, and the sauce had a weird taste to it. The shrimp skewers with their traditional “veracruz” of roasted tomatoes was the winner of this round.

When it was time for dessert, we ordered both a plate of “Churros en Bolsa” (Hot Mexican Donuts) and “Pastel de Plátano y Chocolate” (Banana Chocolate Chip Cake). I could not really decide which was my favorite, the Churros were served with three different dips, strawberry, caramel, and chocolate (which was the best), while the Banana Chocolate Chip Cake was similar to a fondant with an amazing twist of crumbles and bananas. I also tried the Mexican Hot Chocolate, which I was told to have a “hint” of cinnamon, but the taste of it was so over powering that I pushed it aside after one sip.

Overall it was an amazing experience, yes, the atmosphere and the cuisine wasn’t extremely authentic, but I can’t emphasize enough how important is it for a restaurant to have great service and happy staff members, nothing ruins the mood as much as a rude waiter, and in this aspect, Rosa Mexicano takes a 5/5 rating on their cheerful staff!

Where: Dubai Mall, across P.F. Changs.
Best for: anything really, friends or family.
Recommendations: “Camarones Veracruzana” and “Queso Fundido”

Find out more about the restaurant: here

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