The beauty of art and fashion combined has been successfully introduced in a collaboration between Nike and Japanese artist Yuko Kanatani..

The initial collaboration was designed to highlight the body in motion and movement, and Yuko brought that through experimenting with unique designs and inspirations.

Nike found Yuko’s style of art exciting and playful, and so they marked their first ever collab. with an independent artist.

The collaboration debuted late January, with three tight releases in mind. The January edition is the one seen above, the Magical Kaleidoscope, which displays bright and bold patterns. However, if anyone is familiar with her artwork (and I’ve seen it), you can tell that it’s somewhat an extension of her colorful palette.

So how did Nike and Yuko make it work?  

Yuko was asked to tailor her illustrations to a body map provided by the Nike Sport Research Lab. Yuko accordingly created 3D drawings to highlight leg muscles (in a flattering way) using colors and shapes. Her inspiration for the first collection was a circus, which was made into a matching pair of tights and sports bra. The print was also used on the Nike Studio Wrap Pack, which I wasn’t familiar with at first. Turns out the wraps are amazing for people who do indoor barefoot exercise including such as dance and yoga. I got my hands on these luckily (they’re selling out pretty fast!) and I’ve been wearing them to pilates and barre classes too. These wraps come as a pack with matching ballerinas to slip on and off easily on your way to classes, and the ribbons (worn under the arch and around the ankle) add style and support.

The first collection went on sale globally on Jan. 31 in select stores and on the website and it’s already close to sold out on the website.
The second collection came out, which is the Midnight Craftwork, where Yuko says she reflected on her personal midnight world for inspiration.

For this collection, the print wasn’t only used on the wraps too, but the Nike Roshe Run too.

Fancy to get your hands on any of these pieces? Well, you gotta be a little bit more patient if you live in Dubai. The three collections will be available at the same time on April 2nd at MOE. However, it’s a VERY limited collection, so they’ll probably be running out pretty fast. The sports bra will retail for AED 269, tights for AED 429, and the studio pack for AED 529. Happy shopping! 🙂

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