Usually, cafes and shishas are not my go-to spot for dinning. I always found that food would not be as good as a restaurant dedicated to food mainly, and the ambiance would be too loud. But since it was Ramadan with a lot of cafes holding theme iftar/suhoor menus, my friend and I headed out to City Walk to check out Nar for suhoor.As we made our way in to the place, I couldn’t help but take in the lovely interior setting. Simple, yet classy, Nar was decked out in black (including the walls) with a touch of blue all around.The spot was rather crowded with people relatively abusing shishas -even more than usual with it being Ramadan-. Despite the fact that the indoor seating area was pretty spacious (they also have an outdoor area as well), there were only several unoccupied tables. By the looks of it, it is safer to reserve a table before heading here during the weekend.To have our suhoor somewhat in peace, we requested to be seated in a calmer area, and so we ended up in the corner. Was it tranquil? Yeah, although it was a slight bummer as we had a hard time getting a hold of the waiter who we kind of abused with orders (as you’ll come to see *read*)

For the appetizers we picked their fire starter option, which gives you a chance to mix and match between up to six starters, however, we settled down for two: “Batata Harra”, and “Hummos with Meat”. The orders arrived shortly served with Arabic bread, which unfortunately was rather cold and hard, shame! The dishes were both tasty, although the hummos could’ve been a lot more enjoyable with  a bit more meat.

As the table next to us ordered what looked super delicious and filled with cheese, we pulled a copy cat move and requested the waiter to squeeze in a serving of it for ourselves before our mains arrived.

What looked like a bigger version of a cheese manakeesh to us, was apparently a “Cheese Mishtah”, a rather large serving of traditional and fresh Lebanese flat bread topped with melted cheese. The Mishtah was served straight out the oven, and after being pretty unhappy with their cold bread, we were glad we got to try their fresh and delicious flat bread.

As my grilled tiger prawns were being served my friend was already attacking her Nar mixed grill, which honestly was a pretty decent choice considering the Arabic theme of the menu. The dish included a selection of grilled lamb cubes, shish tawook and minced meat, served with a side of thick fries and grilled vegetables. On the other end I was devouring my butterfly BBQ prawns, served with a side of fries alongside two sauce selections; a tartar sauce and a thousand island sauce. However, the seasoning of the prawns was superb, so I skipped dipping in the sauces.

As we reached dessert time we both needed quiet some time before we could pick what to finish off the night with, but since it was Ramadan, we stuck to the theme and picked one of the most common and traditional Ramadan desserts, the Kunafa. A bit too hard on top, but softer on the inside and topped off with pistachio bits and pieces, the kunafa had a surprise twist to it, as the cheese was inside between the layers rather than under it. Other than that aspect, it was a pretty decent serving like all other kunafas to be found out there,  and it definitely filled us up (with all that food, I’m surprised we got to the dessert)

Best for: hanging out with friends.
Where: Citywalk.
Price range: AED 200 for 2.
Must try: Their Mishtahs.

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