With the increasing popularity of City Walk, people have started to ensure it is part of their outing destination. I personally like the vibe it has a mix of a laid-back mood and a touch of luxury, so a couple of weeks back my friend and I headed there for our ritual “cheat meal” Friday lunches. We’ve been hearing a lot about the newly opened Mo’s restaurant by Caramel group, and with the buzzing success they’ve had with Caramel Restaurant & Lounge, we were keen on experiencing the same with Mo’s.
 For a Friday afternoon the restaurant was surprisingly empty, with only another table occupied. The restaurant was divided into a couch seating area tucked away at the corner, a diner-bar and a couple of tables scattered around in the center.
 With a pretty large menu, it was quite hard to pinpoint what to go for, however with the help of the manager who gave us a warm welcome, we managed to get an idea of what to order as he told us about their best sellers. For our starters we decided to share a tower of onion rings and their famous TNT Shrimp Tacos.
 The tacos were served with guacamole and chipotle mayonnaise. As I took the first bite I needed no explanation as to why they were amongst their best sellers. How do I put this simply? Are you crazy about the Dynamite Shrimp off of the P F Changs menu? Well imagine those in soft tortilla bread where any bite you take delicately melts in your mouth. Barely half way through eating them, my friend and I could feel ourselves starting to fill up, oops! Disappointingly however, the delicious looking onion rings were rather too thick, a bit hard to chew on, and had zero crispiness to them.. We hoped the mains would be a similar experience to the shrimps rather than the onion rings.
 Before visiting Mo’s, my Instagram feed was buzzing with their big breakfasts and burgers, and being a huge fan of burgers, we both decided to give their signature burgers a shot. Not much of a risk taker, I ordered the Classic Burger with a side of fries, while my friend ordered the Baconater burger, which promised loads of bacon and a hint of BBQ sauce, she also opted for coleslaw on the side. For our drinks we ordered two milkshakes, the Nutella shake and the Marshmallow shake.
With the Shakes arriving first we tried to not attack them much to leave some space for the burgers, however I couldn’t stop sipping on the Nutella shake, which I’m sure would be a favorite to any fellow Nutella-addict. However, the Marshmallow one was not as expected, the taste was rather dominated by a tangy chocolate syrup taste, leaving barely any marshmallow taste to it. If I was to give this a shot again I’d tell them to hold the choco syrup (which by the way was not listed as part of the shake on the menu.)
 Honestly at this point we were already feeling almost full, when two large burgers dropped on the table. My friend and I had the looks of “are we really gonna be able to do this?” written all over our faces (and no, we ended up packing most of our burgers for take away.)
 The Classic (below) was your typical kind of burger, however their signature sauce and bun did give it a home-made taste. As for the Baconator, it was served with veal bacon, and would definitely be a hit with the bacon addicts. However, beware, as the BBQ sauce taste was a tad strong, so you got to be a BBQ sauce lover!
Sadly, we were way too full to manage to eat anything else, so this was probably the first time we had to skip dessert.
I’m definitely keen on trying Mo’s brunch since I’ve heard so much about their pancakes and huge servings, so I would hopefully be visiting again.
P.s: For a limited period, Mo’s is offering 25% off for visitors that say they are following them on social media. Enjoy!

Best for: Lunch with friends.
Where: City Walk.
Must try: TNT Shrimps- Nutella Milkshake.

For more info check out their website page here

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