I always hate living in routine, but I always end up stuck in one! However, just a couple of weeks back I’ve attend a dessert and pastries master class in The Address Marina, Mazina Cuisine, and that was definitely a fun way to spice things up.

The class was led by Chef Alannah Doe, a young and extremely funny chef who took us step by step through basic essentials until we ended up with yummy treats.
We started off the class by learning about chocolate tempering, where you basically control and change the temperature of the chocolate.
As we familiarized with the chocolate and watched her put it into molds she came around to oversee each one of us individually as we did the process and guided us if it was incorrect. The good thing about these classes is there is a maximum of 10 people for each one, and for that day we’ve been in luck to have been four only.
After going half way through the process with the first dessert (strawberry filled chocolates), we put them in the fridge to get back to them later and moved onto making truffles.
One thing I admit I wasn’t familiar with is how crazy long was the process of making these desserts, every small detail was introduced and taught to us, and let me tell you it was some hard work!
And we finally moved onto the last dessert, a chocolate flower, made using the chocolate that the Chef tempered at the beginning of the class. We were taught how to make bud-shaped chocolates and stick them on, I found this the hardest step and failed miserably at it! Eventually the chef gave me a hand and we finished it by topping it with edible gold dust.
After two hours and a half of really chocolaty hands and a whole load of fun the class wrapped up and we got to take home boxes filled with the desserts we made.
The end results were chocolate truffles dipped in chocolate and coconut..
The miserable chocolate flower which I destroyed (does that even look like a flower to you guys?)
And amazing delicious strawberry and ganache filled raspberry chocolate
We also got to take home an apron with Master Chef written across it, a recipe book, and a signed certificate, which states that we participated and finished the class successfully.
The timings of the classes are from 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm, and they take place every second and fourth Tuesday of the month. The cost is AED 349 per person including refreshments.
Reservations required
For more information about the classes and Mazina find The Address on FB here
Upcoming sessions:
11th March 2014: St Patrick’s Day chocolates
25th March 2014: Plated desserts

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