I recently popped by La Vie Clinic, one of Dubai’s newest additions, to meet with celebrity dermatologist, Dr. Ruby Tandon, for a consultation on what facial would be most suitable for my skin type. My past facial experiences have been diverse, and at times uncommon, but they never felt as futuristic as the one I had as soon as we wrapped up with our appointment. I left Dr. Tandon’s office with a detailed plan on how to upgrade my skin routine, with amazing tips, such as cooling off Aloe Vera with ice cubes on my face to help with puffiness.IMG_2855I’ve shared this often, and I will share it again, due to the fact that I habitually play with my face a lot, picking at every blemish spot, I have unfortunately ended up with too many scars for my liking. According to that, Dr. Ruby recommended a 45 minutes session, incorporating a combination of LED Light Treatment and Radio Frequency to get the best of both treatments.

I’ve experienced a radio frequency treatment before, but it was used for my body, and unlike this one, it was a ‘hot’ treatment. At La Vie, the radio frequency used was cold, yet comfortable. Radio Frequency is often recommended for skin tightening, lifting, and rejuvenating. The first 20 minutes of the treatment were dedicated to radio frequency, to concentrate mainly on rejuvenating the face, followed by a mask and LED Light Therapy Treatment to concentrate on the scars.

IMG_2859LED targets dull, aging, and problematic skin, and according to the amount of damage the skin suffers, the number of sessions can be recommended. So how does LED target all these problems at once? The treatment plumps up the skin by boosting collagen production, and by now we know collagen is everything! It also treats mild acne by killing the bacteria responsible for the breakouts.

What I loved about my blue light LED experience, in comparison to laser or microdermabrasion, is that it has a 0% pain rate, and is rather relaxing enough for you to dose off during the treatment.

I absolutely loved the results, as they were truly quick and efficient. During the first week solely, I noticed the pigmentation and scarring on my face disappear into non-existence. One thing to keep in mind though, these sort of treatments for sure give a 100% better results with touch ups, so depending on how problematic your skin is, follow with one or several treatments every once in a while.


For more details on La Vie Clinic, visit their website here.

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