Koreans are known to mostly have been blessed with wonderful skin, which also shows slow signs of aging. I never had the chance to try any Korean beauty products because I have been warned of the risks of accidentally purchasing counterfeit products. If you’re like me, I have some good news. I recently stumbled on the account of The BB Cream Girl on instagram, to discover that the website specialize in selling Korean beauty brands in the UAE. From toners to primers, The BB Cream Girl sells everything makeup and beauty related.
Since I’m not big on makeup, I got a “wonder pore freshener by Etude House, and two masks, “it’s real rice” and “super volcanic pore clay” masks by Innisfree.
Deliveries with The BB Cream Girl take a maximum of 10 days (only available in UAE), and when purchasing for AED 200 or more, you get free delivery.
So after several weeks of testing out my new products, here’s the verdict-
Wonder Pore Freshener: I’ve been blessed to not have a problem with pores, but with the current weather change in Dubai, it’s inevitable the humidity would result in clogged pores which would lead to terrible break outs and black heads. So to integrate this into my beauty routine I’ve replaced my night time Bliss toner with it, and I apply it every night before bed time. What’s super cool about it is, using this product has 7 benefits rather than just one.
The brand claims the wonder pore freshener :
1- Maintains pH 4.5
2- Refines skin tone
3- Keeps elasticity of pores
4- Deep cleanses pores
5- Minimizes appearance of pores
6- Controls sebum (oil)
7- Moisturizes inside and outside of skin
For a 250 ml bottle which is for AED 90, this sounds like a pretty good deal doesn’t it?
What I can vouch for after about a couple of months of using it is yes, it deeply cleanses. After removing my make up and applying it I find it still removes more make up. Also, during the summer time my skin does usually get a tad more oily due to my over use of sun screen, but it is under control, with the help of wonder pore freshener. Finally, a lot of my previous toners made my skin super dry and harsh where I found myself applying moisturizer a bit more than I should, but the wonder pore freshener does not strip excess amounts of oil for the skin. So big pores or not, I think this product is a must try!
Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask: My first attempt at trying a mud mask was probably a decade ago, when my friend got me some from the dead sea, that was my last attempt too because I had no idea what I was doing. Fast forward to 2014 my second encounter with a clay mask happens to be with a korean one luckily. Innisfree’s clay mask targets clogged and oily skin with the use of jeju volcanic cluster. The package is a mix of korean and english, although I can’t comprehend the Korean part I’m hoping I’m not missing out on something vital. The mask claims to:
Remove sebum
Tighten pores
Exfoliate dead skin cells
Deep cleanse
Enhance skin tone &
Provide cooling effectHowever, it does not direct how often it should be used, so I play it safe sticking to once every week/fortnight.The pot is a 100ml in size, small and cute made from plastic with a metal lid. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a spatula -which I find pretty unhygienic, but I use spatulas I received with other products-.
The mud smells like… mud? Lol, it has a pretty earthy smell to it, pretty natural and nothing unpleasant. It has a thick consistency but not too creamy. For some reason the directions point out that it should be left on for 10-15 minutes, then, here’s the bit which got me a bit quizzical, roll it off? I thought it was meant to be washed off? So first attempt resulted in a very long, boring, and painful rolling of the mask off. Eventually I gave up and washed it off with lukewarm water.
Verdict? Definitely a mask to try, along with the wonder pore freshener, this little pot of wonders has done a great job at keeping an oily face at bay. In fact, the pair has worked pretty well that I have skipped my monthly spa facial ritual for the past two months.It’s Real Rice: Last and maybe least, Innisfree has a range of “it’s real” face masks, made from real ingredients such as green tea, avocado, and rice. I’ve previously tried the Dermalogica rice powder wash, and they both have the similar scent. Rice water is known to sooth the skin, and rice itself is used in various beauty products.
The face mask is a bit thinner than the usual face masks I’ve tried before, and it wasn’t as moist either. The liquid/serum was white in color rather than transparent. I kept it on for 20 minutes before washing my face off, and although I felt refreshed, I did not notice much change. The mask supposedly brightens the complexion, which I did not observe on my skin, however, it left my face pretty soft.

So if you’re up for trying authentic Korean beauty products, CC creams, and make up, check out The BB Cream Girl !
P.s: all orders get cute free samples with them

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