Hey guys! So as some of you might have seen, I’ve started taking Inversion Femme supplements a couple of months back, as I believe several female-targeted supplements actually help and are rather essential. This wasn’t my first time taking health supplements, I’ve dabbled with various types before, mainly those targeting overall wellness, hair and nails, and metabolism. So how did Inversion Femme compare? Let’s see..

IMG_2901The capsules seemed rather promising seeing that the ingredients are mainly natural including; fish oil, grape extracts, and several vitamins. Although the supplements promise to tackle various issues, the outcome I was hoping for most was improvement in hair texture and a push with the weight loss goal.IMG_2903Each pack contains a month’s worth of supplements, two to be taken in the morning with a meal, and one during the evening. The french capsules claim to help with “skin, hair, nails & figure” with anti-oxidant, nutritional and invigorating effects. IMG_2904My experience-

Skin: truth be told, in two months I saw a vast change in my skin -concentrating on my face here- mainly in terms of texture. If I skipped moisturizing one unfortunate night, the effects aren’t visible or felt the next day, unlike the usual. Another notable effect was that after extraction sessions, the scarring that I would experience was never an issue. I’ve only noticed and felt these changes about two weeks into starting the supplements.

Hair: In terms of hair, I haven’t noticed a major change. I luckily don’t suffer from hair loss, so I was hoping to see an improvement in texture. My hair growth level was as usual, and the texture did not change much either.

Nails: the part where I barely expected to see much change, ended up surprising me the most! Between gel and extension nail sessions, my nails are usually left destroyed. However, with my ‘oil and cream’ damage control methods, my nails healed rather quickly this time around. Another thing I suffer with is chipped nails, but during these couple of months, my nails managed to grow longer with a lot less breaking.

Figure: Aaah, last but not least, the figure! So energy is supposed to affect metabolism, which eventually aids in weight loss, right? In terms of energy, I got an excess, I had so much energy I’m still high on it! The only downside to this is I was left sleepless for one too many nights. In the supplements’ defense, I’m NOT an early riser, so I’m guessing this is for those 6 AM early birds. In terms of weight loss, there wasn’t any change at all. I did not gain or lose weight, so now I’m wondering if this is more for maintaining the figure than getting fit.

Keep in mind, it was really tough to start out a routine and remember to take the pills twice a day, so there were one too many days where I forgot the morning pills.

Overall, I saw and felt positive outcomes from the supplements, the only downside was the energy that interfered with my sleep.


Inversion Femme is available across major pharmacies, and retails for AED 260.

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