Located in one of the most buzzing hotels around the city, GQ Bar welcomes its visitors with fire flames and dimmed lights as they set foot into a spot all about dapper, style, and a culinary experience they are bound to remember.

As I walked through the dinning area I couldn’t help but notice how much the interior design succeeded at incorporating a lot of prominent elements from the GQ magazine. From the design, to the elegance and even the crowd filling up the venue, the GQ bar has successfully leveled with the magazine in terms of class and sophistication.

As we were shown to our reserved table I couldn’t help but sneak a peek at the lounging area where I saw even more flames decorating the walls surrounding the area, alongside a classic black and white movie playing on a wall, with a crowd scattered around chatting, sipping on cocktails, and watching.

Although the starters menu wasn’t large, we still had to do some thinking to decide what to try out. We ordered a serving of Spicy Prawn Spring Rolls to share alongside the Shredded King Crab Roll from the sushi selection, which the waiter informed us was one of their sushi-specialties. The spicy prawn spring rolls were served in rice rolls and tasted delicious and light, while the crab sushi was very rich and crunchy, without the crab taste being overpowering but rather light and refreshing.

While we waited for our mains, we took a look at the drinks menu to find a lengthy list that clearly is the reason behind the delight of the customers at the lounging part of the restaurant. Comparatively, the mocktails list was rather limited with only four options, but that didn’t bug either of us. My friend selected the Honey Dew, which was a mix of fresh apple juice, smashed ginger mint, honey, and fresh lime juice. While I went for the Strawberry Basil-ade, which was a mix of muddled strawberries and lemonade.

I have to say the timeliness of the cooking and serving was superb, as we did not have to wait for more than the necessary times between courses. For our mains I ordered the Grilled Angus beef ribeye with crushed garlic thyme potatoes which gave it an edgy taste, while the beef which was ordered medium-well was very soft and succulent. I ordered a side of mashed potatoes, and as usual, it was the perfect partner for my steak.

On the other hand my friend had ordered the chicken breast, served with mushroom duxelle, potatoes, and sauteed sprouts. Although the mix was delightful, my friend was not comfortable with the chicken being close to raw from the inside, which added an edgy taste she could not handle.

As our mains were taken away, our waiter (who had a wonderful and charismatic character and sense of humor) insisted to surprise us with what he promised us would be the best desserts. Less than 10 minutes later, indeed, he came out with what looked, and tasted, exactly as what we were expecting.

We shared a plate of Valrhona chocolate fondant with vanilla bean ice cream, we ate it slowly as we discovered all the various tastes of chocolate piled up on the same dish.

We also shared an orange & vanilla creme brulee, served with meringue bits and pieces and sorbets. I fell in love with the presentation of the plate, a dish I almost deemed to pretty and artistic to eat.

At GQ Bar, dinner is not only a meal, it is an experience in culinary art and delicacy, which makes the hefty bill well worth it for an occasional meal.

The bar also has an outdoor terrace and an upper level, alongside a recently opened indoors terrace.

And for the sushi lovers, every Sunday night is sushi night with a selection of a cocktail.

For more details on their offers and special nights, check out their Facebook here.

Where: J W Marriott.
Best for: Cocktails, dates, celebrations.
Must try: Shredded king crab roll, grilled angus beef ribeye.

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