If you’re not familiar with Silkor, it’s one of the most well reputed establishments in the beauty industry in Dubai. From laser treatments, to facials, slimming treatments, and cosmetic surgeries, they have it all. Of course to be well-established and popular it takes a ton of hard work, and Silkor got the credentials with successfully operating for almost 2 decades now, with various locations around the Middle East.

With the summer season here, I thought I’d opt for a slimming treatment to get a step closer to getting the summer body which I’ve set on a mission towards having. So what better destination than Silkor?

I headed to their Jumeirah Road branch after booking my consultation appointment to decide on what treatment to go for. Their slimming treatment options include Velashape, Pressotherapy, Ultrasound Cavitation, Electrotherapy, and Endermologie amongst several others, and as a newbie in this world, I had no idea what I was up for.

Our meeting was around 15 minutes, where I showed the consultant my problem areas and we followed it by discussing what treatments would be best suitable. The consultant suggested I try out the Velashape II treatment, and follow it by pressotherapy to maximize the results. However, she made sure I was not misled and informed me that a single treatment would not suffice in transforming my body (which I wasn’t expecting anyway)

I could tell Silkor was doing well by the fact that I could not be fitted in for my appointment until 2 weeks later, which I did not mind.

Two weeks later I arrived a bit earlier than my time, but was a bit bummed out that I had to wait a bit too long. A while later I was sent upstairs to meet my therapist and begin.
After asking a few basic questions, (allergies, was it my first time, do I want to take pictures to compare results) I laid down to begin with my first treatment, Velashape II.

The Velashape II technology works by combining infrared light, bi-polar radio frequency energy and vacuuming, which cause deep heating of the fat cells, their surrounding connective tissue and the underlying dermal collagen fibers. The heat and vacuuming work to reduce the skin laxity and body volume.
My therapist, Milena, informed me that the treatment time varies according to how my body responses to the heat. I was also told that the heat sensation might tingle a little, and if at all it gets too much to handle, I should inform her.

The treatment lasted around 30 minutes working on only the backside of my thighs (she also suggested that concentrating on an area will give better results) and weirdly enough rather than feeling pain or excess heat, I found that the machine gave a tickling sensation, and so spent a good 10 minutes uncontrollably laughing and clearly freaking out the lovely therapist.

In terms of pain, I would personally rate it as 1/10, and the therapist did a great job by chatting away for the whole treatment to distract me anyway (and to make the fact that I was half naked less awkward).

As soon as I finished I got dressed to be lead into the room next door for my pressotherapy treatment. Let me first start by saying it was nothing like I expected, and -I’m guessing upon seeing the confusion on my face- the therapist took the time to explain to me the process and how it works. (I’ll skip the clinical terms and explain it a tad simpler)
Basically, you get into this astronaut-like suite, with your clothes, and lie down for around 20 minutes, as it applies a compression force from your feet upwards, and back again, until the treatment is done. And what does that result in? Lymphatic drainage- which is supposed to redefine the body and treat cellulite.
I was left in the treatment room alone to get entertained by my phone (here’s a little selfie-in-action)

The pressotherapy treatment pain was 0/10, and actually rather entertaining (then again, I’m easily amused)

As I headed out the therapist gave me a few tips to be able to get the best results (drink tons and tons of water following the treatments for a couple of days, and moisturize my skin as much as possible)

So onto the results, were they any good?

I was rather surprised by actually seeing a vast difference a couple of days later (I couldn’t see any on the same day)

  • My skin was tighter
  • And also smoother
  • The cellulite dimples were no longer seen
I was however told that because I already lead a healthy lifestyle (and drink 3 liters of water a day, which stunned the therapist) I would more likely see results better than those who don’t combine slimming treatments with a healthy diet and exercise.
Sadly, since these treatments are a bit on the costly side for my budget, I won’t be trying them out for a while. However, the therapist had recommended around 6 sessions for me to get amazing results.
Cost: starts from AED 1200
Therapist: Milena Lordanova

To find out more, visit Silkor’s website here

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