Prior to opening in Dubai Mall, I personally hadn’t heard of EATALY, however, as a lot of people seemed to be really excited about having it final open doors in Dubai, I was sure it was a spot worth checking out. After a quite light Iftar at home and with the Ramadan cravings increasing, my friend and I headed to the mall to check it out. Lucky for me, that day was only a couple of days after their Nutella Bar opening, so I was quiet ecstatic about how the rest of the night would be. (I mean, who doesn’t love Nutella?)

Eataly isn’t your typical eatery spot, first of all, it’s super huge, with a Nutella bar, a desserts section, a mozzarella section, followed by a mini-hyper market selling a variety of Italian goods for those interested in cooking up the authentic Italian taste at home. Only then one gets to the dining part at the far end of the restaurant, which had a very simplistic and laid-back feel to it.

Mozzarella Room
 For our starters we shared the  “Bocconcini di Mozzarella Friti” (fried Mozzarella) and the Parmigiana Di Melanzane” (Eggplant Lasagna) 
Sadly, our starters took at least 20 minutes to get to us, and bad service always ruins wonderful food, which is what were served. The Mozzarella was delicious and fulfilled the major Mozzarella-craving we had after seeing the fresh Mozzarella handmade balls, and the eggplant lasagna was as fulfilling as a main for me, their famous “Antonella” sauce mixed with an abundance of cheese made it one of the best starters I’ve had in a while.
Although Eataly has a rather large selection of drinks, both traditional/classic and “tropical”, I had a hard time finding something suitable for me, since I have had cut artificial syrups and soda for about half a year now, and there was literally only one mocktail which didn’t include either. I ended up playing it safe and ordering a glass of fresh watermelon juice, while my friend ordered a “Rossini”, a blend of strawberry puree and ginger ale which was refreshing.

Thankfully, the night was taking a better turn by now, and the waiters became more attentive and the service sped up a little. Our orders arrived looking so delicious I felt even hungrier than before. My friend went for the Tagliata di Manzo” (steak) while I opted for my usual Gamberi alla Griglia” (grilled shrimps). 

The shrimps were served with a red sauce and a side of roasted potatoes. The seasoning was delicious, however the side of potatoes did not meet my expectations as it was a bit too hard on the outside, and served a bit less warm than it should be. The steak, served with a side of mashed potatoes and topped with Parmesan slices, was pleasantly tender despite the fact that it was ordered to be medium-well.

After clearing up our plates (which is very rare as we usually either end up with a take away or leave at least some food), the time which my friend and I had been waiting for finally came, a taste of Nutella! When asked for the menu, we were disappointed to see that there were around five options tops (not the idea I had in mind when I heard Nutella bar?) so we stuck to a basic Nutella crepe served with bananas and strawberries, although the crepe was good, it’s not beating the crepe-competitors out of the water just yet.

Eataly had been on my list of places to dine at, and it was worth visiting and finally finding out what the hype is all about.
Where: Dubai Mall.
Price range: 200-300 for 2.
Must Try: Parmigiana Di Melanzane” (Eggplant Lasagna).
Find out more about Eataly on their Middle East FB page here

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