Dubai is a vibrant city with endless choices of fun and chic spots that you can never quit discovering. I, myself, have recently discovered an uber classy restaurant, Donatello. An Italian cosy restaurant tucked up in World Trade Center, Donatello serves the best varieties of main dishes and the yummiest desserts that I’d break a diet for in a heart beat. As we were lead to the private room, I admired the small sculptures that are found around, along with the over all pleasant interior. Since we got there during lunch time, my friend and I found it suitable to take advantage of the lunch meals they served. I opted for the healthy one, as my friend picked the “special lunch”, which both include choices of appetizers, main dishes, and desserts.

For starters I chose a Mozzarella salad which best believe toned the hunger down and made me feel unsure about being able to chomp my way through my main dish.
Picking the special lunch, you automatically get a variety of appetizers for starters, which includes sea food (Octopus and Calamari ), Roast Beef, and Mozzarella along with the salad.
Main Dishes:
As for my main dish, I opted for grilled chicken breast, served with roasted potato and a pinch of black pepper.
My lunch date went for a beef striploin which was very tender even though it was chosen as well-cooked.
By the time dessert came, we forgot about how full we were, and were ready for last but not least, round 3! Not being a number one fan of chocolate, I called dibs on their traditional vanilla pannacota which was served with the strawberries, and boy was it a right choice! We even went a bit creative and mixed it with the chocolate (with a center of berries), and we loved every bit of it!
Over all, my experience at Donatello was great, the service was impeccable, the food flirted with my taste buds and the ambience was soothing and definitely the kind which allows you to enjoy your food.

Where: World Trade Center, Convention Building.

What: Lunch meal (Healthy & Special).
Best for: business lunches, I’d also love to be taken here for a dinner date.

Donatello Italian Restaurant & Lounge
World Trade Centre, Convention Tower, Ground Floor
Telephone: +971 438 63577 | +971 438 63499
Opening times: 12pm 2am (closed Friday)
Service: 12pm 3pm lunch, 7pm 11pm dinner

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