They say your first cruise experience is your most memorable one, and that is something I can most definitely confirm. After three magical Walt Disney World days, it was time to take the adventure to sea. It seemed like my group and I weren’t the only ones having a “Disney Getaway”, as we found Disney has organized transportation from Disney to Port Canaveral, similarly as it does with transport from and to the airport. Disney currently has five ships that head to 10 destinations, and our trip was the 3-night Bahamian Cruise aboard the Disney Dream.


First 5 things to do as soon as you board

  1. Unpack, if you don’t do it now, you’ll never get the chance to!
  2. Go for a dip, if you go for the 3-night cruise, the following two days won’t give you any time to enjoy neither the pools nor the hot tub.
  3. Enjoy the Aqua Duck, the cruise’s “water coaster” – again, the following two days are going to be jam-packed, this is your chance!
  4. Tour the cruise, it is huge! You don’t want to accidentally stumble upon the spa you didn’t even know existed a little too late.
  5. Check your agenda. The cruise offers a daily agenda to keep you in the loop with what activities and shows are going on for that night. Take your time to figure out how to plan your day.

What to pack

  • Sunscreen- they weren’t lying when they said the sun will be coming at you even through the rainiest skies.
  • Umbrella- the weather is super moody, so better be safe than sorry.
  • Portable charger- you’re going to be on the go more often than you guessed.
  • Two swim suits- because life is too short to wait for one to dry.
  • Water proof case- this is personal preference, which also depends on how clumsy you are. But I’m always dragging my camera and phone around, rather than risking anything -you know being surrounded with water and what not- I preferred having everything in a waterproof small case just as a precaution.

Day One- On board entertainment

We spent the first day familiarizing with the cruise and our rooms. I’m not going to lie though, I was still discovering new spots throughout the trip (which had me 20 minutes late for mocktail hour with the gang!) I spent a short while getting comfortable in the room and unpacking, only to discover the amazing view I had right outside my veranda.

Shortly after, I joined my friend Crissy for a quick dip in the pool. Keeping cruise goers in mind, there are two pool areas on the cruise, a family area to enjoy with kids, and a no-kids zone. I think we spent a total of five minutes in the pool, until luck hit us hard. The weather quickly switched and it started heavily pouring! However, not wanting to be buzz killed, we quickly moved it over to the hot tub in the covered area.

Keep in mind, just because you’re on a cruise doesn’t mean your whole suitcase has to consist of flip flops and swim suits. There are plenty of occasions for you to dress up on the cruise, from lounges to nightclubs, the options are endless. We ended the day with a wonderful three course dinner at the Italian restaurant Palo which, like the rest of the restaurants on board was happy to cater to my friend’s allergies and my halal food restrictions.

Day Two- Nassau, Bahamas


The second day couldn’t have come any slower, as I was really excited about making it to The Bahamas. The day unfortunately greeted us with a bit of rain, so we waited till the weather cooled down for us to step off the cruise. Keep in mind that while you’re on a cruise you are on a schedule, so we had until around 4 PM to make it back to the cruise ship.


Needless to say, Nassau was beautiful to discover. As soon as we reached we found an authentic braiding spot and we got our hair done. We shopped around for souvenirs, enjoyed street performers, and a bit of Starbucks for the dose of that familiar addictive coffee and some free wi-fi of course. Keep in mind when you’re on any cruise wifi is scarce, packages are expensive, and very limited. So as much as we kept loading and reloading our packages, some wifi on land basically made our day.Our time on Nassau flew by quickly and we were soon back on the cruise. We took some time to relax, met for mocktails, ate a little, then enjoyed the Pirate Night. The night basically consisted of a “Pirates in the Caribbean” show followed by a deck party for all ages. It was pretty fun, and definitely the only time the whole cruise was in one common spot. We ended the night a little after as we had a long day awaiting us.

Day Three- Cast Away Cay

Our third and final day began with an early morning 5K marathon, which surprisingly not many people joined in on. Thankfully the island was sunny throughout so we managed to run in good weather, tan, and kick back. After wrapping up with the marathon, we headed back to the cruise for a quick breakfast and outfit change, and made it back to the island with excitement. There are various activity packages, from snorkeling to cycling and even parasailing.

We basically spent the rest of the day on the island sun bathing and snorkeling until our time was up. The Cast Away island also had various outlets such as souvenir shops, braiding stops, cafes and so on. We spent the last night watching the best musical show, a la Broadway, The Golden Mickeys- which starred a diverse cast of Disney characters performing heartwarming classics. We ended it on a high note, shopping for Disney cruise-themed souvenirs, and dining at the Animator’s Palate.

Overall, the trip was a dream that any true Disney fan at heart wouldn’t get enough of. Contrary to common misconception, you don’t have to have a kid to enjoy any Disney cruise as there’s something for everybody to enjoy.


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