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I’ve never been to Beach Park Plaza before, but my friend and I headed there for the first time to check out Chop Suey, a cosy little Chinese diner located in the plaza.
It was rather surprising how packed the plaza was for a Friday, so packed that we spent at least 20 minutes trying to get a parking spot.
Chop Suey, which means ‘mixed pieces’, takes pride in being an American take on Chinese food. We arrived to a restaurant that was rather lively, with funky colorful interiors, bright couches, and an open kitchen.
The restaurant had a laid-back vibe, with paper menus where visitors could tick their choices straight off of it for the waiter to take. As we munched on some prawn crackers, my friend and I played a little game where we selected our top options individually, and whatever we both had in common, we ordered to try out.
For our appetizers we started with the “Pan-fried Crispy Chicken Dumplings” and the “Prawn Toast with Sesame”. They were both delicious, however the crispiness of the dumplings were more appealing than the overpowering taste of prawns, which sadly had an after taste of burnt bread.
Chicken Dumplings
Prawn Toast with Sesame

Not quite satisfied, we opted for yet another entreé to share, “the Crispy Mixed Mushrooms” , Manchurian style (picture above). This has by far been the tastiest dish of mushrooms I’ve ever tried, and could not stop eating, the dish was slightly spicy as it was a mix of shitake mushroom, butter mushroom, oyster, and straw.

To cool down a little I ordered watermelon juice, while my friend went for the ginger and lemongrass juice. The bummer was the menu had several options for mocktails and drinks, but we were told none were available. The drinks we ordered arrived and were both a disappointment as they were rather warm!!?
For our mains, I ordered “Sautéed Prawns with Dried Chili and Cashew Nut”, worried about how spicy it would be, the waitress was kind enough to say that the chef could remove the chili, which I did. The portion was pretty satisfying, and the melange of prawns with the nuts tasted great. My friend ordered the “Stir Fried Crispy Beef” along with a side of “Pineapple Fried Rice”, which was recommended by the staff. The beef was crispy, but not too dry, which is something not all Chinese restaurants get right. It was stir fried with pepper and grilled pineapples, and that blended perfectly with the pineapple friend rice we ordered.
With not too many captivating options for desserts, we trusted our waitress’ suggestions on what to get. She suggested both the “Sticky Rice Pudding” and the “Shanghai Pancakes”.
The pancakes were not as we imagined when we read the menu (but then again, we’re not familiar with Chinese dessert) They were more of dried thin crepe rolls, served rather cold than warm, with a side of Vanilla ice-cream and strawberries.
The black sticky rice pudding was less on the sticky side, and rather runny, but maybe that is because the dish which was topped with coconut ice-cream was served to us with the ice-cream already melted! Which had the ice-cream eventually swimming with the sticky rice and the mango chunks. My best bet would be, if the ice cream was served on the side, this dessert would have been rather delicious.
In my opinion, ditch the plaza, the dessert, and the drinks, and ordered a couple of take away boxes, which are so typically Chinese and very movie-like (photo above), and have a lazy night in with delicious and affordable Chinese food!

Best for: dinning on a budget-take out dinner.
Where: Beach Plaza, Jumeirah Road.
Recommendations: Crispy Mixed Mushrooms, Pineapple Fried Rice.


For more info. on Chop Suey, find them on Facebook here

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