We’ve all heard about the “special” fat-burning green tea, pills, soups and at least a dozen other ‘breakthrough discoveries’ to get a fitter body. But one thing which only recently got on my radar is green coffee. You mean, I get to drink coffee AND lose fat at the same time? Maybe..

Green coffee has apparently become sought-after since popular Dr. Oz spoke about its secret power in burning fat, hence, helping people who want to lose some extra pounds reach their goals.

I took the claims to the test and tried out a pack of CoffeeKix. Each pack is designed for a week with 14 sachets in it, to consume twice a day.

So the next day I woke up and took my first sachet, as instructed, 20-30 minutes before my breakfast. The taste was rather strong, it’s not easy to explain, it’s as strong as black coffee with a distinctive taste to it. Since I’m one who has a hard time managing to drink plain black coffee, I added a pack of Stevia* to sweeten it a little. I shortly had my breakfast after, but I noticed that drinking a full mug of Coffeekix actually curbs the appetite (although it doesn’t claim to do so.) Six hours later I took my second mug half an hour before my lunch, this time with two small packs of Stevia, which became my ratio for the remainder of my Coffeekix servings.

Coffeekix suggests adding milk and/or artificial sweeteners when consuming it, as they are aware the taste might be a bit too strong to handle for some. But since I’m not a fan of the harmful effects of artificial sweeteners, and the milk did nothing for the taste, I opted for Stevia (you can try a spoon of brown sugar or maybe some maple syrup or raw honey.)

By the end of my first day I’ve come to the conclusion that it is definitely one of the most powerful and effective detoxing methods I’ve ever tried, and I’ve tried quiet a variety. (i.e. you end up visiting the loo a bit more often that you’re used to.)

The only downside was, alongside the regular loo visits, I was having a bit of a troubled stomach. So when I reached my third day with the continued stomach discomfort (which by the way always happens to me whenever I do any detox) I stuck to taking a sachet a day rather than two, and it has indeed worked in calming down my stomach yet kept its expected detoxing effects.

As I came to the end of my journey with Coffeekix and finished my last mug, I took to the scale to find a loss of 2 kgs, which was in the range I expected.

Coffeekix promises a loss of up to 10% of the body weight in a month (4 packs). Unlike other fat-burning products, Coffeekix does not say anything about having to mix it with a healthy food diet and exercise (its study even showed that the 10% fat loss has been reached by test participants without any lifestyle alterations).

However, I would strongly recommend it. If you match a healthy lifestyle with a detox plan, a week’s supply would be more than sufficient to kick start into a healthy weight loss journey.

Why I put my trust in trying out a fat-burner, was that Coffeekix promises to have all-natrual ingredients, and that the active ingredient in burning the fat is not some lab-produced harmful chemical, but rather the Chlorogenic Acid “a.k.a green coffee extract” which is found in unroasted coffee beans.

Coffeekix promises that consuming it:

  • Causes the body to burn glucose, sugar and fat mainly in the liver.
  • Slows the release of sugar into the blood stream, which means fat will not build as sugar turns into fat.
  • Burns, Blocks and stops Fat.

Would I try Coffeekix again? As a once in every few months detox method, sure. However, the cost might seem slightly pricey for some, as a pack costs 220 dirhams.

Cost: AED 220.
Find it in: Bloomingdale’s & Harvey Nichols.
For more details, find Coffeekix on Facebook here

*Stevia is a sweetener and sugar substitute made from the leaves of the plant species Stevia rebaudiana.

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