I’ve had a lovely week off university where I got to try so many things and have so much fun! (Hello Guetta and Bieber concerts!)
One of the really cool things I did was head down to Abu Dhabi to check out Nathalie’s Cafe, located in twofour54, which is on the outskirts of the city so it wasn’t much of a long drive.
My friends and I caught up with their weekend brunch which is served from 8am till 3pm. Focused on freshness and wholesome food, Nathalie’s Cafe serves a variety of brunch options that are very tummy-filling and healthy.
There were so many option for brunch I took a while to decide, I eventually picked poached eggs, served on turkey and english muffins, with a side of potatoes, I was hungry and uncertain about it fulfilling me, but I had such a hard time finishing them both! I also tested out some of  my friend’s Lebanese brunch option which included some “mana’eesh”, “haloumi cheese”, and “labna” which I definitely recommend as a lighter brunch option. As for their drinks I tried their fresh strawberry and sweet melon smoothies, absolutely loved them and recommend them as tasty thirst quenchers. And my top favorite-must-try- absolutely-awesome recommendation would be their Foul Mudammes, as an Arab, I was never a fan of it to begin with, but they have the best Foul I have ever tried hands down!
For those busy bees who don’t enjoy the luxury of sitting down, grabbing brunch and spending hours talking aimlessly, Nathalie’s has a couple of “Grab and Go” counters filled with drinks, desserts, sandwiches and even pizzas.
The interior and exterior of the cafe are very cosy, with fun quotes here and there, and an outdoor sitting area with rocking chairs and comfy couches, giving off a very home-y vibe.
Check out Nathalie’s Cafe on Facebook here


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