Nothing can get me out of bed on a day off at 9 AM, well.. Almost. I’ve been having major FOMO from all the Instagram worthy shots I’ve been seeing of the Fume breakfast, so I popped by to see whether everything was as delicious as it looked.

We made our way to the Pier 7 branch, mostly because of the incredible view overlooking the marina and the yachts, to be greeted by an enthusiastic team and a rather tranquil atmosphere. We were the first ones in save for another table, so my anti-social morning self was rather happy.


The menu had various options, so we started off by sipping on coffee till we decided on our feast. In my opinion, breakfast doesn’t count unless it has a generous portion of eggs, so we ordered ‘The Benedict’ with salmon -the second option is beef bacon- and ‘The Fume Pan’The Benedict was delicious, yet ordinary. It was a bummer that it was only served with grilled lettuce, as it would have been great to have it with a side of mushrooms, onions, potatoes, grilled asparagus or anything of that sort. The Fume Pan however is ideal for someone really hungry. The pan included two fried eggs, hash browns, mushrooms, smoked veal bacon, baked beans, tomatoes and sour dough. This was definitely a champion’s meal, and I would recommend sharing it unless your appetite permits otherwise!


We took a little breather break to prepare for a rather sweet round two. Like they say, there is always room for dessert! We started by indulging in a tasty stack of ‘Lotus Pancakes’ topped with a portion of caramelized banana, Chantilly cream, and a Lotus biscuit. Surprisingly, the taste of Lotus wasn’t overpowering, and the Chantilly and banana were the perfect match to it. This dish definitely got me thinking of hunting down Dubai’s best Lotus desserts! Next, we had their ‘Cakefetti Rainbow Bagel’ which actually isn’t available on the menu. The bagel is definitely a pretty sight for the eyes, and it has been on my food bucket list ever since I saw this creation make its rounds on the internet. As usual, what is intensely pretty can’t be equally delicious, as I think I expected way too much out of this dessert. The filling of the sweet treat consisted of mascarpone icing. It is topped off with more icing, sprinkles, raspberry coulis and Arabic cotton candy. I’m not saying anything was wrong with this at all, it was just average and my expectations always get the best of me! They also have a couple of variations of this dessert, the ‘Strawberry Mess’ and the ‘Nutty Bagel’. The finale was the ‘Soft Serve Ice Cream Donut Cone’ which was topped off with sprinkles, M&Ms, chocolate syrup, and a bar of Flakes chocolate. This upgraded ice-cream version was of course better than your everyday ice-cream dose, just don’t expect the cone to be very soft.

Overall I would be back to Fume to try the rest of their breakfast menu, and definitely dinner!

Fume breakfast is served at both the Marina & Downtown branches from 9 AM to 12 PM.

Where: Dubai Marina and Downtown Dubai

Best for: A tranquil weekday breakfast (we heard the weekend gets pretty busy!)

Must try: The Fume Pan, Lotus Pancakes

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