First of all, Eid mubarak to anyone reading this! Ramathan has been extremely wonderful this year, and thankfully I’m away from the Dubai heat so it’s a whole load more bearable here. I’m on my summer vacation so I don’t get time to blog a lot, I’m just lazying around, because in a week or two, I’ll be back to university, oh joy!
I’ve been browsing Bon Avenue way too often lately, and I’ve come across some really cool eid gift ideas, whether you choose to spoil a friend, or prefer to gift yourselves things, these are my top six eid picks.

1- Guess shirt: this shirt looks perfect for a day when someone’s simply kicking it, but it’s cropped back side tells a whole different story. Shop here

2- Moncarbone Iphone cover: to simply explain my choice, I love skulls! Shop here

3- Michael Angelo bag: The bag is to die for, it looks a bit Kelly Hermes inspired, but I’m absolutely digging the blue and gold mix, find more designs here

4- Melodiam Pearl Bracelet: Everyone has that one piece of accessory that they cherish and wear everyday no matter what time or event it is, this pearl bracelet is definitely an everyday pick. here

5- Idole D’Armani: One of my favorites, the scent is incredibly light and summer-y , Bon Avenue has a variety of perfumes, view the rest here

6- Kaporal 5 Skinny Jeans: I love dresses but jeans are so comfy for the everyday errands! Shop these here

I promise I’ll be back to my usual active blogging in about a week or so! Have a lovely Eid holiday!

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Wow. I love trousers…: drooling…waiting for the complete look..

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