I don’t know about you, but the clothes in my closet with sentimental value are everything to me. No designer bag, or limited edition shoes can compare..

This over sized jacket goes way back in my family, and I’m hoping to keep it for at least another generation. Back in my dad’s university years, this was his ‘go to’ jacket whenever the breezy days came along in Indiana. Now, it’s my go-to piece to put on whenever I want something to give me an emotional and somewhat physical hug.


Shirt- Zara

Choker & Jeans- Garage

Clutch- Pedro

Shoes- Pharrell x Adidas Super Colors

_DSC2803_DSC2841_DSC2787_DSC2823_DSC2791_DSC2825_DSC2800_DSC2782Photos by Elle. Laine, @elle3113

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