I’ve lived in the UAE all my life, and until this day, I get amazed by the amount of salons and spas hidden and scattered all around Dubai, and to my luck, I found a gem that has been recently launched, on Al Wasl road. I booked in a Turkish Hammam experience in Turkuaz House, and I was pretty excited for it.

I was greeted warmly into a beautiful villa with an overpowering yet soothing theme of blue that followed me around for the rest of my journey in the salon. In a matter of minutes I was shown upstairs and into an organized hallway where I had my locker set, but I looked inside a little confused, searching for a robe, that’s when I was handed several blue clothes to cover up both my body and head, with the masseuse informing me that the whole experience is supposed to be authentically Turkish, so no robes were used.
I was then led into a room that was full on marble, with nothing but a laying down area and water taps. See due to my Moroccan roots, I’m very familiar with Moroccan baths, and I was expecting something familiar or similar, but boy was I in for a change.
The treatment started by bathing then exfoliating, which thankfully was not very painful. Then the fun part followed where the masseuse filled a cloth bag with Turkish natural soap, which created a crazy amount of foam. The foam was then gently massaged onto my body, and then washed off. The treatment finished with shampooing and conditioning and I was then guided to the waiting area to dry up. I had some Turkish Apple tea (really sweet and soothing!) and as soon as I was done I was led to one of the massage rooms for the final step of the ritual.
See, this full body massage session was pretty awesome to me because I got to smell a selection of oils to choose from, and that has been a freedom I haven’t experienced in any spa around here yet.
The experience overall was wonderful, the staff was very friendly, and the feel of authenticity and traditionalism was great, it would have been a tad complete if I had an actual Turkish give me the hammam. The salon was huge with various rooms including a nail care room, a facial room, and even a VIP room. I’d definitely recommend this treatment for a change from the typical treatments that are usually found in salons, but make sure you check it out during the weekend, or when you’re planning to have a day in, because all I wanted to do when I was done was get into bed for a cozy night.
For more information find Turkuaz on Facebook: here

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