As soon as I got the low down that Sisters Beauty Lounge is introducing a 30 minute express eyelash extension treatment I was more than keen to try it out myself.  I’ve never tried having eyelash extensions before and I had mixed feelings about it in regards of pain and getting used to having something on my lashes!

I was excited however, so I arrived to my scheduled appointment 10 minutes early (in my dictionary that’s about half an hour!) and I was guided to the beverages station for a tea and biscuits chilling. Not even two minutes into it, the beautician, Chole, found her way to me and guided me into the room. I was handed a little form to fill, asking about allergies and all the procedural biz, then she gave me a quick brief about what’s going to happen and ensured me that no pain will be felt, hooray!

She started by removing my eye makeup and then brushing my eyelashes with a specific brush. There were two lashes options, a full look and a natural one, I opted for the natural one being uncertain about how unnatural the full one would look.

Time to finally get started! Chloe used an odorless glue which didn’t even have a strong scent. 30 minutes later I was done and good to go. I was so in love with my lashes, good bye mascara.. well, for at least two weeks. She then gave me an after care manual, and told me to revisit in 2 to 3 weeks to have them removed to avoid damage to my natural lashes. Re-filling is not possible with these lashes however re-application is possible.

(Sorry for the creepy-looking picture to the left!) The treatment was for 200 AED, 300 AED for the “full volume” look.

My experience:

  • My eyes didn’t irritate or hurt.
  • It said avoid contact with water for 24 hours or so, it was a hassle trying to wash my eyes the next morning.
  • Got tons of compliments! No one doubted they weren’t real though.
  • A maximum of 30 lashes fell throughout the 3 weeks, I was expecting more
  • Mascara… yikes mascara! I’ve been advised not to use their special mascara, and although I stayed away from a water proof mascara(which is a big no-no) , I ended up in some pain, lash loss, and clumpy-ness, so avoid using mascara overall if you go for it!
The removal process was 15 minutes tops to ensure that all lashes are removed and your lashes stay intact! Absolutely loved it and would recommend it as a quick fun treatment.

Find out more details through their Facebook page and website.

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