A new year always calls for new resolutions, but for me, it’s about new approaches. I’ve blogged about beauty before, but I’ve never featured my “empties”; a beauty blogger type of post featuring empty used up products and the blogger’s opinion on them.. so let’s see how this goes!

1- L’Occitane Amande Firming and Soothing Milk Concentrate: a usual trait every L’Occitane product carries, this smells heavenly! It doesn’t have a light formula but it soaks in the skin pretty quick, so it’s safe to wear your clothes right after and not worry about getting them stained. Although it can be used throughout the day I preferred using it as a night body cream, it is very nourishing, so the soothing part of the title is true, however, I went through the whole jar and noticed nothing in the firming aspect. Would I buy this product again? Probably not, it is a bit pricey and there are better options.

2- Elemis Fresh Skin Makeup Away: The pack has 25 wipes sealed in a bright purple pack that is perfectly efficient to be stuffed into your handbag. I love Elemis, sadly I’m not very fond of the wipes. After a night out I had my first experience with them, all my makeup was removed but I had trouble removing the mascara solely with it, so I had to remove that with another eye-makeup remover, shortly after my skin started tingling, and I was worried I was having my first beauty product allergic reaction. Apparently, my skin is too sensitive for these wipes, so I’ll stick to my regular brand, however, I’ll give it to Elemis for creating wipes that keep the skin hydrated and soft. Would I buy this product again? No.

3- Neutrogena Deep Clean: I love products that are amazing for the face and the bank too! My first ever beauty product was by Neutrogena, and it still is a staple in my beauty shelf till this day. This exfoliating scrub claims to be good for all skin types, but I have heard friends complain about breakouts after using it. However, I haven’t experienced anything of that sort, just a bit of drying out after using it, which is normal because it is supposed to illuminate the oiliness of the skin. Would I buy this product again? Yes.

4- Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara- Volume and Curl: Mascaras are supposed to stick around with you for 3 months, but I had this binned a month after I used it. The formula was really thick, dry and clumpy, the brush was great for separating the lashes, sure, but my lashes ended up getting the “spiderweb” look, which I absolutely hate. This, however, is completely different from the original 2000 Calorie Mascara, which comes in black and gold withOUT the curved wand, which I recommend over this one. Would I buy this product again? Never.

5- Urban Decay Super Curling Mascara: This mascara was my first try with Urban Decay, and I quite liked it. The curling claims are true as the brush is curved, and the mascara very natural for the first couple of applications, it doesn’t clump easily, and its a success at separating lashes. Would I buy this product again? Yes.

6- Lush Super balm Scalp Treatment: I love Lush and all their natural products, but I wasn’t very fond of this treatment. The balm is supposed to be used to help in keeping the scalp clean and shiny, get rid of any product residuals, dandruff, or just the every day dirt that microscopically piles with this Dubai weather. The fact that its empty is quite untrue, but I tried it three times (to just make sure that it’s bad and that I was using it right) and all times were fails. My hair ended up really oily after the shower and getting the product off required a couple of showers following it. Maybe I used a lil too much? Or maybe I scrubbed it in too hard? Bottom line, no, I’m not buying this product again.

7- Miriam Quevedo Caviar Conditioner: I loved this product from the first time I tried it, I got it in a GlamBox a while back, and I was happy to have it take sometime to finish. It is the type of product that shows results from the first few uses, and it definitely makes the hair noticeably softer. It is supposedly anti-aging, fights premature hair loss and open ends. It is a bit on the pricey side though! Would I buy this product again? Yes, I loved it!

8- Elemis Fresh Skin Dreamy Sleep: One of the best products from the Fresh Skin range by Elemis, this moisturizer soaks in pretty quick, and doesn’t leave the skin greasy. I didn’t use it every night, but rather after I applied masks or scrubs that stripped the moisture off my face. I got this product from the “Elemis Fresh Skin Starter Kit”, which has various products from the line in smaller sizes, perfect for someone trying out Elemis for the first time (you get to try their best products), or for traveling. Would I buy this product again? Yes.

9- Elemis Fresh Skin Peachy Perfect Wash: Another product of off the Fresh Skin Discovery Kit, this peachy wash was pretty good at cleansing, not as strong as the name states on the scent aspect though. However, it did serve great as a day time gentle wash rather than a night time one. Would I buy this product again? No, I love experimenting with face washes.

10- Bioderma Makeup Remover: It would be a sin to love makeup and not know of one of the best makeup removers out there, Bioderma Sensibo H20. Fit for all skin types, including sensitive ones, Bioderma has been successful at rating as my #1 makeup remover, as I’m always certain there are never any residuals (esp. when it comes to that tough water proof mascara!) Would I buy this product again? Over and over and over again!

So there it goes! 10 products I hated, loved, or just would rather not see again from 2013.

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