I’m always keen on trying out different cuisines, and although I’ve tried Indian various times, I was never able to go through half a dish, sadly, spices and I don’t mix well. Asha’s is a restaurant for visitors like myself, from different cultures, with a keen mind on trying the different dishes the Indian culture has to offer. In Dubai, Asha’s is located in both Mall of the Emirates, and Wafi Pyramids, we opted for The Pyramids because we were told the ambience is more lively and there is the option of outdoor seating.
The menu was a bit of a hassle to go through, it really got to me! As if the cursive font being used for dish titles wasn’t tough for us to read, the restaurant lighting is really dark. Upon seeing my discomfort the waiter suggested that he gets us menu lights for better reading, bonus points for being attentive and kind!
With nothing other than butter chicken on my mind (my fav Indian dish!) I didn’t really want to have anything else, but our waiter tempted us into sharing a couple of appetizers together, starting with “Murg Nizami Shorba”; a rich chicken soup flavored with some curry leaves,  both its texture and curry taste were light, which made it pleasant. We shared the “Chingri Chaap” crumb coated prawns, which were marinated in ginger and garlic. Sadly, there wasn’t even a hint of taste of either. We also had our first experience trying out stuffed Kulchas, which tasted just like Naan bread which was stuffed. We ordered two, one stuffed with potatoes and the other with chicken. The potato stuffed kulcha tasted way better in my opinion, and for those who can’t handle spicy food, I wouldn’t recommend the chicken. 
By the time we finished our appetizers the restaurant was buzzing and there wasn’t even one available seat in either the restaurant or the bar.
For our mains I ordered, yeah you guessed it, none other than the butter chicken I’ve been craving -listed as “Murg Makhani”– as my friend ordered the Jheenga Shan E Nisha”; which were king prawns marinated in yoghurt, cheese, and a hint of cardamom. Unlike the prawns we had for our starters, the taste was powerful, but the shrimps were delicious as my friend ordered a side of plain rice to mix them with.
My butter chicken tasted good as I expected, but I have tried better ones in other places. I was also really disappointed by the quantity in regards of the price, as I was expecting a bigger serving.
We shared a third main, the “Mushroom Kurkuri”, which consisted of six slices of deep fried battered mushrooms stuffed with cheese and peppers. I would have loved to eat more than one but this was honestly too spicy for me to handle.
At this point we’ve both gotten so full but the waiter kept on insisting that we need to try their dessert (not in a pushy manner of course). He suggested the “Mango Parfait” which wasn’t very traditional Indian, but it tasted so good that I’m not about to complain. It was pretty much layers of mango coulis, mixed berries, and whipped cream, topped up with some more mango, this was definitely one of the winners of the night.
I’ve come to understand that some Indians do get upset with their experience because it doesn’t represent “real Indian food and taste” to them, but to me the restaurant and experience was wonderful, and the fact that I’ve come to find out that they’ve been open for over a solid 10 years in Wafi goes to show how good they are (I mean the life span of restaurants here is on the short side)
The only downside I could find about Asha’s is how hefty the bill was. If you’re looking to splurge a little on an Indian taste that is not rather traditional, Asha’s is a place to check out, just make sure you book a table in advance because by the time we stepped out there was a rather big crowd waiting for tables.
Where: Wafi Pyramids
Best for: A different experience
Recommendations: Potato Kulcha, Jheenga Shan E Nisha”
For more info about Asha’s find their website here, for reservations find The Pyramids Facebook page here

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