So I’ve heard about the Arabian Nights treatment at Talise Spa in Madinat Jumeirah, and it’s apparently one of the best ways to indulge this summer! I was psyched to try it out as the summer does get a little stressful. A couple of days before the treatment I received a call to remind me of my appointment, and was told to bring my swimsuit along and arrive a bit earlier if I was interested in having a little pre-treatment fun.

Upon reaching, I was welcomed by the friendly staff, handed a cool hand towel and a refreshing cup of lime water to sip on as I filled my treatment preferences sheet. I purposely arrived an hour earlier to check out what I could do for entertainment and relaxation, and was told the facilities included an outdoor pool, two indoor cold and warm plunge pools, a sauna and a steam room, along with a lounge area.

When it was time for my treatment I was guided outside and past various rooms to finally find mine. The room was incredible, with a private balcony to overlook the lovely Madinat scenery.
My masseuse explained to me the 90-minute treatment process, which would first start with a sugar scrub, followed by a full body massage, a facial, and a head massage. I was more than keen to get started!
The treatment ingredients included exotic flowers, shea butter, and aromatic oils.

Unlike other spa body scrubs, this time it was fairly gentle, and I felt like for the first time ever I had a masseuse who actually looked over what I prefer, I barely like any pressure, and she accommodated accordingly. After the scrub my body felt butter soft, ridded from all the dead skin, and it was time for the massage, which I kid you not, sent me off to sleep! I had the most comfortable treatment, and for the first time ever I actually let go of every worry and felt like I was on a retreat. By the time I was done she actually had to wake me up to lead me to the lounging area where she brought me a tray of tea with honey and a couple of magazines.

It was a lovely experience which I definitely recommend for you to try, the only thing which I didn’t like was getting rid of the oil from my hair! It was my first time having a head massage with oil and I showered for a couple of weeks until I felt that my hair no longer looked or felt oily.

If you book this treatment anytime from now till mid-September, you will receive a complimentary gift from Talise Spa, the treatment is for 750 AED. For more information you can find Talise Spa on Facebook: here

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