A girl’s best friends are diamonds, that’s right. But the second best thing is chocolate, or so I choose to believe. In an attempt to treat ourselves to what we heard were some of the best desserts around, my friend and I headed to the Chocolate Bar in Emirates Mall in hopes of making it one of our best sweet experiences.
I was pretty amazed at how the menu was practically endless, and I also had no idea they served mains such as pasta, as I was expecting options of light savory bites. We were pretty indecisive with the vast options of desserts, so we chose to have lunch first. I went for their “Tagliatelle Pasta” while my friend ordered a “Traditional Lasagna” , and sadly we got what we feared. It almost always never works when a place concentrated on the quality of their savory foods makes desserts, and vice versa. My pasta was very dry and clearly under cooked, with chunks of cheese just tossed on top of it, it lacked taste, and the chicken was really cold. It kinda makes sense, who orders pasta in a chocolate bar! My friend’s lasagna was a way better pick as it was served hot and fresh, yet it wasn’t anything too special.
 However, we weren’t severely disappointed because we knew the dessert that awaited us was going to be a whole lot better. We had such a hard time trying to choose what to get, we ended up sharing three desserts. We ordered the “Chocolate Truffle Cake” and chose white chocolate filling (there are options of white, dark, or milk),  the “Big Dig”, and wrapped it up with their “Chocolate Fondue”.  
 The big dig was a mix of chocolate and vanilla ice cream, served with pound cake, marshmallows, nuts, chocolate chip and cookie pieces, topped up with chocolate fudge and hot caramel sauce. Doesn’t the description make you crave it? However, although it is a delight to the ears and the eyes (look at how although it’s messy it is well presented), the big dig was tooo sweet to eat, literally! We couldn’t take more than two spoons out of it.
 However, the chocolate truffle was the highlight of our meal, and it is definitely the best I’d recommend to anyone, especially white chocolate fans. The warm truffle with the icecream made the perfect mix to bring out the taste of the white chocolate, which thankfully wasn’t overpowering. I must say this was the only plate we had for the day which was made to perfection with nothing wrong to be found about it.
And after a short break, we wrapped it up with a couple of cups of tea complimented by their chocolate fondue, which was served with warm brownies, bananas, strawberries and berries. The portion was rather generous, and there’s even the option of extras to be served along such as pineapples, croissant, and marshmallows.
All in all, with their vast options of desserts, chocolates, and cakes, I’d say have your mains somewhere else and head to the chocolate bar for one of the meanest chocolate truffles I had the pleasure of trying out. When it comes to desserts, their endless options (and I’m sure they can recommend your their best) which are presented in such a fashionable way that is fab for the eyes seem to be some of the best.
Where: We dined at the Mall of Emirates branch, but they have other branches in Dubai Mall, Mercato, Mirdiff City Center, and Boulevard Dubai.
Best for: catching up with friends, dessert dates.
Recommendations: Chocolate Truffle Cake with white chocolate filling, white chocolate shot.

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