Sometimes you crave a change, and although a weekend trip is the dream, settling for the second best thing works just as well. So being in the mood for a taste of Moroccan Tajines and Couscous, we buckled up, and hoped the Moroccan restaurant at the Four Points by Sheraton on Sheikh Zayed Road would take us on a trip.

Although we made our way on a weekend, the restaurant was pleasantly calm. It is advisable to book before your visit, for the meal is best to be experienced inside one of their private dinning areas (picture above)
We started our meal with traditional Moroccan Hrira Soup, which is basically spiced tomato soup with chick peas and vermicelli pasta. Unlike previous times where I’ve had Hrira (including at home), this time it was rather spicy, which isn’t always the best approach to serving it due to preferences. We were also served a couple of dips and olives to munch on until our appetizers arrived.
For our cold appetizers, we shared a serving of Taktouka, and Zaalouk. The latter (pictured on the right) is traditional charcoal grilled eggplant with cumin and tomato sauce, while the Taktouka (also known as Shakshouka) consists of grilled diced bell paper, paprika, and virgin oil. Both of them were served and tasted just as they would anywhere else in Morocco, or at home, which made me super nostalgic (and honestly, already feeling kinda full!)
Shortly after, our hot appetizer arrived, a shared Seafood Bastilla which consisted of a mix of shrimps, squid and nile perch stuffed in Moroccan pastry. The Bastilla was wonderful, minus the frozen element. If you are to try it out either way I would recommend seeking the chicken option.
Left a little disappointed by the bastilla, we waited impatiently for our mains. We ordered-  Tagine bel berkouk (above) which basically is braised lamb leg served with glazed prunes, toasted almonds, and traditional Moroccan spices. The lamb portions were well worth the price, if you haven’t tried this before you might enjoy it, however, expecting the dish to be sweet as usual, I was surprised to find it rather salty. Our second order was Vegetable Couscous which was delicious. It included the traditional variety of carrot, baby marrow, onion, and eggplants. the portions were pretty satisfying too, had to pack most of it for take away.
For the last bit of our meal, and feeling pretty stuffed here, my dinner date and I shared a serving of delicious Moroccan tea, some fresh fruits, and a mix of traditional Arabic and Moroccan desserts.

I’d say I might have been picky with every other dish due to expectations after eating Moroccan food my whole life. However, the friendly staff and pleasant atmosphere are worth trying out the place for.

Best for: casual dates
Where: Four Points Sheikh Zayed
Price range: AED 200 for 2
Must try: Couscous, Taktouka

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