One of my favorite cuisines has got to be the Italian one, and despite loving it so much, I barely visit new Italian restaurants here. When it comes to food, I love me some good ol’ routine, visiting the same places, and having the same dishes. But I’ve dropped by 800 Pizza, located in the Yansoon quarter opposite Al Manzil hotel, a week ago to try and break out of my bubble. Was it worth it though..?

Upon arrival we were greeted warmly and led to our seating. The restaurant has a hint of the traditional Italian, with dark cherry wood all around and red and white checkered table cloth. Not to mention the corner of the restaurant where Italian delicacies straight out of the country are sold.
For starters, we ordered a “Suppli” and a “Crochette Di Patate”, the Supli is a traditional appetizer from Rome, deep fried and filled with rice mozzarella, and tomato sauce. It was a bit dry, and the Crochette, filled with potato and cheese, was a winner for this round!
As for the traditional bread, olive oil and vinegar mix, I was surprised by thin crisp bread baked just like pizza, and although it was a delight to experience, it got way too crispy a little too soon.
For our mains my friend got the “Misto Mare”, a thin crust pizza covered in a mix of seafood including calamari, shrimp and mussels; which was a delight for the eyes. She got it in the “classic” size, which was more than enough for her to finish. The taste however, was a tad sour, so for the pizza, my choice was yet again a winner.
My selection was the “Meat Rich” pizza in a small size. It was a mix of beef ham, pepperoni, and mushrooms, and it tasted pretty awesome. Unlike previous pizza experiences in Dubai, the mushroom tasted fresh and the portion was satisfying.
However, you can’t go to an Italian restaurant and not have any form of pasta. My friend and I shared a plate of lasagna which was served pretty quick. This, my friends, was my love for the night! I’m extremely picky when it comes to lasagna, I like the meat a little lean, and the pasta not hard at all, an overpowering taste of cheese, and the right amount of tomato sauce, and these exact unsaid wishes and wants were put right in front of me in this dish. This lasagna was great enough for me to drive down twice a month to fulfill my cravings for it!
After a short food-coma break, it was time for dessert. We started by having a delish new-to-the-restaurant dessert that wasn’t on the menu yet. The Nutella tart got bonus points for being with Nutella, obviously, but I would’ve loved it to be a bit sweeter.
We tried out the “Torta Della Nonna”, an Italian short pastry filled with lemon custard, and topped with almonds and sugar icing. I expected it to be served cold, but it was served warm-room temperature instead, which was pretty tasty. If you ever pass by 800 pizza, give this a shot.
And finally, we wrapped it up with a scoop of Ferrero Rocher ice-cream which tasted pretty heavenly.
The over-all experience was pretty good, I found myself a new lasagna joint, and the prices are very affordable, with mains varying between 30-60 AED, the staff is friendly, and the ambience is pretty calm on weekdays.
Recommendations: Crochette di Patate, Lasagna.
Best for: Dinner with family.
Find out more about them here
P.s.: the website has an online delivery option too.

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